Explore Taguig City

Sm Aura, 8 McKinley Parkway Taguig City, Metro Manila.This building is a shopping mall, have a botanical garden on the top of the mall. We went to market market, Mabini Avenue corner McKinley Parkway,Bonifacio, Global City. We visited this place, only to look what’s they have, first time to visit here in taguig, Philippines. To explore the place without to spend much money. We don’t have plan to go there, only spontaneous that we go there. We only rode with the jeepney from Guadalupe, Makati City, Philippines and we paid the fare not much. Taguig City have so much high rise buildings compare to the other cities. Window shopping only to spend time each other not to buy expensive things. Window shopping is like our leisure activity or getting ideas for our home decoration, just to be relax inside the shopping mall. To look for a ideas for the clothes or home decoration, they offer better price. To spent time and relax. Without buying anything and just look around. Window shopping is visiting the store or shopping mall to amaze something inside the mall. Some they do window shopping just to spend time with their love one’s. Staring through the window of the branded clothes, bags, decoration, anything that your interested to visit. I like window shopping without buying anything, only to use my time and look where is the next sale or good quality, to get ideas and when […]

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