“Dance with the clouds.”

“Dance with the clouds.”


Seesen is a municipality of district of Goslar.


The clouds so big and it’s awesome to took a photos.

  • Northwestern of Harz. Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • You can ride with train going there from salzgitter, Bad.
  • Your train ticket from salzgitter Bad going to Seesen you can use it in the bus, when you buy the ( tageskarte) or a whole day ticket.
  • Don’t be afraid to travel if you don’t know the place or language try to learn the basic.
  • Trust yourself and think you can do it.
  • When you don’t know the place ask the people.
  • Don’t be nervous and enjoy your visit.

words to remember:

English- Deutsch

  • above the clouds– über den Wolken
  • blanket clouds– Wolkendecke
  • cloud– Wolke
  • clouds – Wolken
  • dark clouds – dunkle Wolken
  • groups of clouds – Bewölkungsgruppe
  • rain clouds– Regenwolken
  • scattered clouds– aufgelockerte Bewölkung
  • storm clouds– Sturmwolken
  • the sky is cloudy-der Himmel ist mit Wolken bedeckt
  • thunder clouds– Gewitterwolken
  • water clouds – Wasserwolken



  1. Amazing Nature
  2. “Dance is the art closest to nature.
  3. Hope is a waking dream
  4. Sai Kung HK
  5. Ocean adventure with love
  6. Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.
  7. It’s a lovely experience walking around a tower by yourself.
  8. Every experience is valuable
  • angry clouds – bedrohliche Wolken
  • black clouds – düstere Wolken
  • bad weather clouds- Schlechtwetterwolken
  • burst clouds – Sprengwolken
  • cirrus cloud – Zirruswolken
  • cloud formation – Wolkenformation
  • clouds of haze-Dunstschwaden
  • cotton-wool clouds-Wattewolken
  • cumulus cloud – Kumuluswolke
  • debris clouds – Trümmerwolken
  • Fair weather clouds– Schönwetterwolken
  • feathery clouds – Feder Wolken
  • heavy clouds- starke Bewölkung
  • nimbus cloud – Regenwolke
  • steam clouds– Dampfwolken
  • stratus cloud – Stratuswolke


My favorite Dictionary i used is dict.cc

When i need to translate or check in english and deutsch i visit this dict.cc. They have great translation. Thank you for the very informative, you can use learninga german language.

I hope you enjoy reading my quotes and thank for coming in my page.