You’re never too old to learn



Tseung Kwan O (also called Cheung Kwan O or Junk Bay) is a bay in Sai Kung District, New Territories, Hong Kong. In the northern tip of the bay lies the Tseung Kwan O Village

Life purpose

  • Life has purpose in everything, all are blessings given to us.
  • Learn by doing, do something in your passion.
  •  Read more and you will learn more, the more places  you’ll go and visit it.
  • Learning will teach your life, the more you will know things in life.
  • Learn from it and don’t sit in one corner and wait for something, do something that makes you feel happy.
  • Meet your friends , who can you give  a time to listen and explore the world.
  • Don’t be ashamed, before  i felt shy about my looks and face. But i try to change my mindset. Be confidence to face the world and the people and be brave to face they  called life.
  • Keep smiling and i’ve learn to fight all the struggles i’ve face in my life. Don’t be afraid, go out and be confident.
  • Travel and explore the place where you live or the places where you want to visit.
  • Don’t be afraid to get lost. Only ask if you don’t know the direction. Don’t be shy to ask. You’re never too old to learn



“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”

Steve Maraboli

   I love this quotes from “Steve Maraboli” it inspires me in my everyday life, working everyday is not easy, but trying your best to do what you can, it means you don’t have so many excuses. Just whatever to fulfill your dreams, no matter what. don’t give up, as long you strive and continue pursuing your goals. Step by step you can make it. Don’t be discourage and be proud of it. Don’t forget to learn about your mistakes and do what is right. We all learn lessons in life. I have always learned more from rejection and failure. I used to motivate me, to learn from my mistakes and of course, you don’t do it again from your mistakes.


  • We walked in Tseung kwan O and love to spent our time looking a beautiful nature scenery.
  • Window shopping in Mall in Tseung kwan O. When we had a day off in our work, we visited different city or place to explore the island of hongkong.
  • We don’t get tired to explore the island. We want to know what’s the best tourist spot and beautiful places in hongkong. But we don’t spend too much money, we are budgeted traveller.
  • If we want to eat some, we went to the local restaurant or the small store to but our food. And we rode the bus or MTR to visit every places in Hongkong.
  • How you spend time in hongkong?
  • Do you like visiting in a small places in hongkong?
  • Do you like to walk or better with tourist bus? To visit the beautiful place, you need to walk or ride the bus. But the tourist bus I never try it. Only normal bus in hongkong.